The Best Wearable Tech Deals In February 2016

Wearable gadgets have quickly become some of the most desirable technology on the planet. From tracking your fitness to providing a subtle second screen for checking notifications, their uses for enhancing your daily life are endlessly expanding. With more and more becoming available, prices are taking a tumble making this an exciting time for anyone strapped for cash.

1. MISFIT Flash Fitness Activity Tracker – Onyx: £19.99 from Amazon.

If you’re looking for a really affordable fitness tracker with a long battery life, look no further than MISFIT’s Flash. A simple fashion accessory containing a 3-axis accelerometer to measure steps, calories burned, and distance along with sleep quality and duration. Plus it’s comfortable, which is a huge positive when it comes to fitness bands.


2. Pebble Time: £126.99 from Currys.

Pebble is definitely one of the big names when it comes to smartwatches, and their latest model is available for over £100 less than an Apple Watch. This Kickstarter phenomenon comes with a colour e-ink display for a weeklong battery life and an ever expanding app ecosystem.

3. Fitbit Flex: £54 from Tesco.

Fitbit is a great way to start using technology for personal health. Blending simple-yet-advanced fitness tracking technology with a lightweight design and an app easy enough for the most novice of users. Customisable with third party bands, this is a super affordable entry into the world of wearable technology.

4. Sony SmartWatch 3: £99.95 from Amazon.

If you want the full blown Android Wear, Sony’s third iteration of the SmartWatch is up there as one of the best. Boasting a 1.2 GHz quad-core process and 512MB of RAM, complete with built-in GPS, it’s an insane amount of hardware power for under £100. Good screen and solid battery, paired with Android Wear makes for something useful.

5. Apple Watch: Up to £120 off at Currys.

Now I know you’re thinking something along the lines of “what’s an Apple Watch doing on a ‘top deals’ list?” As we close in on the imminent launch of the second generation, the price of an Apple Watch is slowly coming down. Retailers want to sell the rest of their stock, so now is the perfect time to shop around. A huge app ecosystem, packed to the gills with fitness trackers and the use of Siri make this the perfect companion for any iPhone user. This was an expensive convenience before, but now you can grab one for a bargain.