Snapchat Will Let Users Create Their Own On-Demand Geofilters For A Price

Location-based filters have become one of Snapchat's key features, allowing users to jazz up their photos and videos with a sense of place. This has been open for community submissions since December 2014, but today they are expanding the program in an attempt to make some money. Users and businesses can now pay to create a temporary custom pay to create a temporary custom geofilter for their events.

The main from what already exists is the purpose: while older geofilters are permanent city location markers, these are being pitched for temporary use for private events. The video uses a birthday party as an example. You can cover any size area from 20,000 to 5 million square feet, which will be enough to cover any event or business location. They can last anywhere up to 30 days, and can cost anything from $5 (¬£3.50).

This should be an exciting opportunity for marketers, as geofilters have only been unlocked for the highest of high profile brands. But now companies outside of the Fortune 500 can actually get involved, and you should start seeing a lot more branded filters very soon (for better and worse)!

However, individuals can use these too and they could be good for the big events (weddings, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, etc). Just be sure to plan ahead, as Snapchat has an approval process. Granted, the company claims they will turn these reviews around in a day, but with all social network turnaround times, I'd take that with a pinch of salt.

This is only available in UK, US and Canada for now, plus Snapchat have become known for switching these paid features on and off. But enjoy it while you can! We'll certainly have our thinking caps on...