Tiny 'Mario Maker' Computer Puts Nintendo's Own Level Design Skills To Shame

Nintendo's creativity is always at full force when it comes to Mario level design, but they have never made a tiny computer inside the game.

A new level created inside Super Mario Maker functions by the user 'Trousers,' logically named 'Run a Tiny Computer!' delivers the equivalent of a functioning calculator running inside the game. You can run a few simple sums by interacting with on-off gates that activate walking Bob-ombs, coins and P-switches to present the answer.

Of course, it's not possible to make a computer more complex than this. We're not looking at an Inception-esque scenario of a fully functioning console within a console here. The limits of Mario Maker are being pushed here, but the achievement here is big nonetheless. And who knows, this does suggest a bright future for level creation tools.

The course ID, if you want to play it, is 2DE4-0000-01b3-642b.