Instagram Thriller 'Shield 5' Tells Story Of A Jewel Heist In 15-Second Episodes

We've heard of some strange TV show ideas in the past, but this method of delivery peaks our interest. Introducing Shield 5a 28-part thriller about the police pursuit of a jewel heist that will tell the story using Instagram, through 15-second clips and storytelling pictures.

The first episode was posted on Monday the 1st, with each additional episode going live at 5pm GMT every day, until the end of February. Creator/director Anthony Wilcox is not just sticking to video, as supplemental material is posted via pictures. 

In the first episode, we meet John Swift, played by Christian Cooke, who is the protagonist of the piece (or maybe the antagonist?), that we find to be sleeping with a co-worker in the second episode. Take this lesson from personal experience: don't dip your pen in the company ink!

But it turns out, they may be part of something worse as a follow-up image suggests.

Have a watch and see if it takes your fancy!