Here's What 'Spyro The Dragon' Would Look Like If It Was Made Today

A lot of classic games are being recreated using Unreal Engine, from Goldeneye 64 to Metal Gear SolidThanks to one redditor and a student from Sheffield Hallam University, we can add Spyro The Dragon to the list.

Reddit user IamMurloc recreated the first stage of the PSOne Classic, and it's fair to say it looks beautiful. That grass, I mean look at that grass.

"The overall colours and lighting in general are far from finished," the user commented on Reddit. "The sky for example is still too dark, clouded and blue compared to the original and for the buildings I tried to replicate the shapes visible on the first game's buildings but as shapes instead of flat textures."

So far, he/she has just created the first stage, but Jamie Shilvock from Sheffield Hallam University has also been hard at work recreating the dragon's escapades. Could 2016 be the year of Spyro remakes? Looks like it.