New Emulator Transforms Classic 2D NES Games Into 3D

A Vietnamese developer has created a unique web-based emulator, which breaths new life into old 2D Nintendo games by turning them into 3D. Aptly called 3DNES, the software only works with the Firefox browser at the moment.

The emulator will work to apply the 3D effect by stretching, lifting and distorting environments. Some of them actually look pretty decent, whilst others strike me more as hallucinogenic drug trips.

Vietnamese developer Trần Vũ Trúc presented the progress of this tool in-the-making on a YouTube channel under the name Geod Studio. How it works is a bit vague, beyond the odd YouTube comments explaining with some random technical descriptions.

A downloadable Windows version is in the works, and work has begun on a version for SNES too! Check out the full video to see some really trippy versions of Mega Man and Super Mario World.