The Chuckle Brothers Become Brutal Assassins In Real-Life Hitman Game

Oh dear oh dear. You've probably already seen the live-action version of Hitman that IO Interactive helped make to promote their new game, which YouTubers had a field day with. But it wasn't just them. Turns out the Chuckle Brothers had a go too, and they are ferocious assassins.

Sure to destroy your childhood, it's hilarious to see them say "to me, to you" as a hitman murders a helpless foe. You wouldn't expect Paul and Barry Chuckle to be so murder happy, but they order 47 to shoot, choke, beat, and crush everyone on his mission. They even asked him to take out a random innocent decorator, because they "don't like the look of him," and even demand he go hit a woman!

What 90s childhood TV star should take part in a video game campaign next? Basil Brush killing prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto? Raven making decisions in Game of Thrones?  The options are endless.