Hands On With Kinematix Tune At Wearable Technology Show 2016

We've seen all kinds of fitness trackers in different positions, from your wrist to your chest. The Kinematix Tune is the first one that actually makes complete sense to me, as it is attached to the insoles of your running shoes.

The Tune is unintrusive in design, slotting onto the side of your trainer and connecting via a flat cable to your insole. The main aim of this product is to catalogue your runs and the effectiveness of each one. What this means is it will be tracking the pressure on each foot, detecting any potential weaknesses and recommending changes to the way you run. Beyond that, this data can be made available to a sports health professional, allowing him/her to make a catered diagnosis.

The app is nicely designed too, showing data from every run you do and helping you paint a picture of what your running ability is, the places you go, and help create a personalised running plan. Beyond this, this app can visually present the data of each individual foot, giving you a better idea of your feet health, and recommending the best way to restore strength.

As Paulo said himself: "It's mad that companies only sell one wearable for one foot or wrist, when your complete health should be tracked on both."

Personally, I'm pretty excited to see this come to the market in June, priced at €200 (round about £150).