Watch The World's Tiniest Rube Goldberg Machine Made Of Watch Parts

We love a good Rube Goldberg machine. They are amazing feats of creative engineering that serve the smallest, almost pointless purposes. Seiko have built one from tiny watch parts, which can fit onto a table rather than fill two suitcases.

Using 1,200 mechanical watch parts, some of which are smaller than a millimetre in size, the scale of this is insane! Unfortunately, the parts do need some human intervention from time to time, nudging to continue. But gravity is not your friend at that small size. Check out "Art of Time" below.

After a year of planning, these watchmakers came together to construct the machine and test it repeatedly. It was shot over two days and there are some fascinating small tidbits throughout the contraption. The beating heart is a work of brilliant engineering, consisting of custom-built slit animation. They even made a miniature clapperboard for the production! Check out the amazing behind the scenes construction below.