World's Largest Pokémon Card Made Out Of 13,000 Cards In One

What? Pikachu is evolving! As part of Pokémon's 20th anniversary celebration, British artist Quentin Devine has created the world's largest trading card mosaic, made out of 12,987 individual cards.

The mosaic is 32 feet tall by 23 feet wide, breaking the record for trading card mosaic art (we never knew there was one)! Looking at Quentin's previous work, it's clear why they picked him - creating the Mona Lisa entirely out of self-portraits, and a picture of Queen Elizabeth II out of pennies.

“We are incredibly excited to have secured this highly ambitious world record, and are thrilled to have worked with renowned artist Quentin Devine to bring the mosaic to life,” says Anthony Cornish, marketing director at The Pokémon Company.