Hands On With Visijax At Wearable Technology Show 2016

One of the key buzzwords flying around this year's Wearable Technology Show was "safety," which is why Visijax are seeing so much success! The premise is simple, but this CES innovation award-winning range of activewear brings a lot to the table for any cyclist.

Visibility of cyclists at night has always been a dangerous problem, and the team at Visijax have created a set of jackets and accessories to combat this. The jackets have 23 built in LED lights, and the sets on each arm act as indicators that are activated with a wave of that arm. It's insanely simple and a real potential lifesaver!

Drivers will see you and know exactly where you're going. It's proof that when it comes to wearable technology, the best products solve one problem expertly rather than trying to be a "jack of all trades" like a smartwatch. Their latest addition is QR-based ICEid tags (In Case of Emergencies), which will give anybody immediate access to your medical information and next-of-kin contacts, so first responders can provide invaluable help on the scene.

Prices for the jackets and gilets vary from £79.99 up to a penny off £150.

They combine sports clothing technology with LED technology to deliver breathable, safe clothing. Well worth it if you're into cycling!