Man Arrested For Overdue 'Freddy Got Fingered' VHS Rental From 2002

A man in North Carolina has been arrested for failing to return a VHS copy of the Tom Green movie Freddy Got Fingered, which he rented in 2002. 

As CNN reports, James Meyers was pulled over in Concord, NC for driving with a broken brake light, but the situation escalated when the officers did a background check on him, finding the video he rented 14 years ago and never returned.

"The guy brings me to the back of the car and he goes, 'Sir, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a warrant out for your arrest from 2002. Apparently you rented a movie, 'Freddy Got Fingered,' and you never returned it,'" Meyers said in a video he posted online.

Meyers was dropping his daughter off at school during the time of the arrest, who he told local media were "polite and courteous," as they let him continue to his daughter's school before turning himself in. He now faces a misdemeanour charge of failing to return the video, with a court date set for 27th April. Funny thing, though, the prosecution, J&J Video store, has since closed.

Even Tom Green, director and lead star in the 2001 movie, reacted to the story, telling Australian media that he spoke with Meyers about the arrest, and that they "had a good laugh about it."