Port Of Est. New Single 'Clash' Is Great For Fans Of Bjork And Massive Attack

Chances are you may not have heard of Port Of Est. But after receiving their new single 'Clash,' you need to listen to their brand of atmospheric electronic pop.

Based in Portland, Maine, the duo of vocalist Hannah Tarkinson and producer Todd Kitchens released 'Clash' on their own Delphinium Music Label. 

“It took us about a year to figure out how to work together in a way that respected each other's tastes,” explains Kitchens, “and most importantly respected the music and where it wanted to go.”

The inspiration for their experimental music came from channelling an electronic structure with analogue production value. “This allows us to maintain a hands-on creative approach that provides room for spontaneity and fresh ideas.” It's clear to see this amalgamation of the artificial and natural sounds, which creates an interesting wall of sound to digest.

I can see these guys going far. Check out 'Clash' and their previous video.