Shoreditch One Vape Kit Review

My name is Jason England and I'm a smoker. Not the kind you could tolerate, but the social smoker that will ask for my friend's cigarettes when I've had more than a drop of alcohol. What can replace this craving for me (and the annoyance of my friends)? Nothing has worked. That is until I got my hands on the Shoreditch One Vape Kit.

Before I start, the problems with any vape are clear: the battery on anything that doesn't look like a ridiculous walkie-talkie is terrible, the flavours are limited (and pretty terrible), they don't really work to recreate the sensation of smoking, and they are used almost exclusively by arrogant douchebags. So let's look into each of these criticisms, and see how the Shoreditch One fares.

The power on anything other than any of the generic 90s mobile phone-size devices is not going to be as good, but this is actually pretty impressive. With a 650mAh battery, Shoreditch claims you can get up to 300 puffs. I've been getting closer to 260-270, which is still good considering the size of this. The OLED display shows how many puffs you've had, the battery level and amount of power going to each inhale (which is altered based on what juice is left).

For everyone from those looking to replicate the taste of a standard cigarette, to those who want something more fruity along the lines of a shisha pipe, Shoreditch boasts 21 different flavours. All of these come in three different strengths: 6, 12 and 18mg of nicotine, providing a good set of levels to ween yourself off that addiction.

At the moment, my favourite has been Parma Violet, which has come close to recreating this sweet's former glory. With heavy usage, I was able to get through one bottle per week, which at the cost of £3.33 makes this a cheaper proposition than many of the other vape refills on the market. Plus to further enhance the amount of taste, the coil is built using Japanese cotton and dual heating elements, which leads to a far better-tasting vapour than what I've experience with other products.

Make no mistake about it, this is the first product of it's kind that has managed to cut down and eliminate my drunken desire for cigarettes. 

And finally, the big one. The stigma is there. No matter whether it's this or your mum's old Philips phone, everyone's going to look like a bit of a douche using a vape. But Shoreditch combats this well with a great sleek design that doesn't look garish at all, paired with an exhale of smoke that doesn't look like you're filling a room with dry ice.

For £20, this is an impressive vape kit for anybody looking to stop the filthy habit. As is obvious with any other stop smoking aid, it will take mental determination. But with that sheer grit, the Shoreditch One is a definite buy.