Short Film Tells A Touching Story Of Father And Son's Relationship With Video Games

Relationships built over video games get trivialised a lot, but it's those that last a lifetime. No matter the miles or years between me and my friend, we'd still comfortable spend hours in front of a Playstation.

Family relationships are enhanced by gaming, and there is no better story told to show this than short film 'Player Two.'

Here we have a touching story of a son re-discovering the Xbox he played on with his late father who passed when he was six. Upon replaying, he finds the memory of one racing game still holds his father's time trial ghost.

The moment is beautiful, and will really hit you straight in the feels. A digital version of keeping hold of the smallest things to remind you of someone you've lost - something so many people can relate to.

Plus, all of this came from a story told in a single YouTube comment.

Seriously! if there's one thing you watch tonight, make sure it's this.

Based on a YouTube comment by 00WARTHERAPY00: ------ Featuring Zac Pullam Directed by John Wikstrom Cinematography by Idan Menin Steadicam Operator - Benjamin Verhulst Gaffer - Jacob Abrams Colorist - Dillon Novak Edited and Produced by John Wikstrom Special Thanks: Luke Ryan, Michelle Pullam, Maureen Pohl, Peter Borrud, Clairmont Camera. Contact: