Google Patents Device That Would Be Injected Into Your Eyeball

Google Patents Device That Would Be Injected Into Your Eyeball

Science fiction and reality are basically the same thing these days. Space travel? Decades ago. Holograms? Coming on nicely. Electronic implants injected directly into your eyeballs? Google’s just filed a patent for it.

Google’s eye-based antics are long-known at this point. With things like smart contact lenses and, to a lesser degree, Google Glass. Their new patent is specifically for “injecting a fluid into a lens capsule of an eye, wherein a natural lens of the eye has been removed from the lens capsule". It’ll be powered by “radio frequency energy” and even have its own data storage. You could say it makes your vision feel a little… cloudy? Eheh? Eheheheheh?

Anyway, a more visceral and layman way of saying that is that Google wants to tear off the natural “skin” of your eyeball and replace it with a new skin that can do who-even-knows. A real life Heads Up Display? Night-Vision? Cure for blindness? Or just an overly complex way to monitor one’s health, such as the aforementioned smart lenses?

Given that Google has only just filed the patent, it’ll be a while before we see anything solid from this. Maybe, like so many patents, it’ll just fade away. In which case we can say… ze googles do nothing. … … … Heh.

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