UK Government Support World's First eSports Olympic Games

The UK government has backed the first ever eGames in Rio, which they hope will "shape the future of competitive gaming." Players, or eAthletes as they're called, will fly their respective country's flag and fight for supremacy. This is a huge move forward for eSports.

This will be a two-day tournament, held in August during the time of the actual Olympic Games. Canada, Brazil, and America have already signed up for it, and they will run just like the real thing. Each team (or eTeam) will be made up of male & female gamers over 18 - no underage scandals here! And while there are no financial prizes, as this is a non-profit competition, participants will compete for medals.

More details will be announced in May, and we will definitely be covering it. Let's hope no doping scandals involving Mountain Dew and Doritos crop up.