The Future Of Music Could Be Controlled By Your Pulse

Playlists are created to match every tempo of our lives, but what if the pace of music could be directly controlled by our pulse? Jonathan "j.views" Dagan has been working on this with an interactive music video for his song Almost Forgot, which scans your heartbeat and matches the song's tempo to suit.

Rather than just being a static YouTube video, this iOS app will use the camera flash to scan your pulse and deliver what is thought to be the perfect version of the song. If you're in a sedate mood with a slow heartbeat, the track will play as a slow ballad. Alternatively, if you're working hard at the gym, the song will speed up into a dance track.

Android users shouldn't feel left out, as a website has been created for users of Lollipop or Marshmallow to get involved in the action. Dagan's ambitious mission, as explained by himself, is to "let the listener create their own version of the song with their heartbeat."

As wearable technology continues to improve, the idea of pulse controlled music would certainly be an interesting application! Spotify came close with tracking your running pace, but nothing has actually read your pulse and tailored music to it.

But then the trouble could be requiring a specific pulse to enjoy the music at its best. Artists could get a bit arsey if you're too chilled listening to their tunes! Download it from the iOS app store, or Android users visit this site.