This Guy Has Built His Own Awesome Touchscreen Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are not a new thing, but they always seem like a glimpse into the future. Engineer Ryan Nelwan has unveiled his own project, and we kind of love it!

If I sound nervous in this video it's because I really am. This is a real working mirror running a software that I built. I purposely recorded this video in one take to demonstrate it's capabilities. I'm going to be bringing this to market.

On Reddit, the formula for this kind of work is simple: put an LCD and a Raspberry Pi behind a one-way mirror, which can now present a limited range of widgets like the weather to look at while you get ready. There are even GitHub repos to get all the software side sorted for you. It's great, but it's not new.

Ryan, however, did something different. Using a rather sizeable touchscreen mirror, his own bespoke UI design and the capability for an app ecosystem, you start to see something that could become a real consumer product.

Watch as he uses a two-finger swipe to change the volume, play and move a Youtube video around the mirror, and rotates two fingers to change the temperature in his house. 

Engineer Ryan Nelwan went his own way. His project involves a rather large touchscreen mirror (smudges ahoy!), and some bespoke UI design. Swipe with two fingers to change the volume, rotate with two fingers to change the temperature, and drag a YouTube video to the right side of the screen to dismiss it. It's not a whole operating system, or, like, Minority Report. But it's still kind of great.

The real question is: when are we going to be able to buy an Alexa-powered, Ryan Nelwan-designed touchscreen smart mirror at Walmart? The people have spoken. We want smart mirrors.