New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Is Finally Here - Excitement Levels Are Blasting Off Again

Several months ago Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced. And then nothing was heard about them again... until now. A minute-and-a-half trailer has arrived on YouTube, finally giving us some sweet sweet details. Most importantly, the release date of 23th of November for Europe. As well as a look at some brand new Pokémon.

Sun and Moon, which also plays on 3DS like its predecessors X&Y, takes place in a tropical Hawaii-like region called Alola. The new starters are appropriately far-removed from what we've seen before. We get a joint grass-flying type (a rare combo) called Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon. Following a similar theme to Chespin, this adorable little bird is said to be an expert at sneak attacks and powerful kicks.

Next up is the lovably sullen Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon. Its fur is rich in flammable oils which it uses to literally fire flaming hairballs from its mouth. This one's a pure fire-type for now, but I'm sure there's room for a fighting type in its evolutions. 

Last but not least comes the water-type Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon. It's capable of creating balloons made of water from its nose and uses them in several attacks. I predict this one will follow Oshawott's foot-steps as being seen as ugly, before the woobie fanart pours in and it becomes everyone's favourite.

The trailer shows off the region as containing both ancient overgrown jungle ruins and sparkling modern cities. As well we get a look at the new version-exlusive legendaries, names so far unknown. For Sun we get a blazingly-bright brute of a beast that would make Entei blush. For Moon we get what looks at first like Yvetal in its bedtime PJs until its wings gloriously expand into the shape of a full moon. Judging by the devastating-looking laser it fires afterwards, it's safe to say that's no moon...

And so that's another 90 seconds of insight into Pokémon's 7th generation. Hopefully we won't have to wait as long for more details about Pokémon S&M... er... M&S... err... Sun and Moon.