3D Artists use Unreal 4 to make mind-blowing recreations of Silent Hill and Bloodborne

James Brady of The Creative Assembly (makers of the excellent Alien: Isolation) has shown off his artistic talents by remaking the classic Midwich Elementary School from Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 4. Clearly a common trend among artists, EA DICE's Simon Barle has used the engine to remake Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne.

Both of these impressive fan creations are viewable on YouTube so that we mortal nerds can look at some of gaming's most iconic sets in super HD and whisper "what if..."

James Brady has put up his Silent Hill stage for download. So those of you who have the Unreal 4 Engine can have a play around in his stage for yourself. While you're at it, feel free to make a more comprehensive video than Brady's almost cruelly short 38-second offering.

Remaking game stages in Unreal 4 is nothing new, of course. Talented fans the world over have remade their favourite gaming locales using the high fidelity assets the engine offers. Still, it's always great to see what an industry professional can get up to when they have a play around.