Watch This Nonsensical Short Film Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is quickly becoming the next big thing in technology - learning to drive cars and even beat humans at board games. But what if we used a neural network to write a science fiction film? The result is Sunspring, and it’s rather incoherent, to say the least!

Starring Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley fame, directed by Oscar Sharp and written by an LSTM recurrent neural network that has been fed a tonne of sci-fi scripts from Star Wars to Ghostbusters, what you see is the result of script prompts - a combination of the computer’s knowledge into a screenplay that makes absolutely no sense.

After forty-eight hours of shooting and editing, we’re left with a supremely weird, kind of charming piece. A.I. will not be writing blockbusters any time soon (and kudos to the actors for managing to keep it compelling throughout), but it’s a fun experiment nonetheless.