Microsoft E3 2016 Press Conference LIVE

Microsoft will be the first of the major console manufacturers to throw their hat in the ring at this year’s E3 – and you can watch it right here LIVE! 

With a mixed purpose for the Xbox One, they’ve lost significant ground to Sony’s Playstation 4 amongst gamers. With that in mind, Microsoft has only one simple mission when they grace the E3 2016 stage – make it ALL about the games and really hammer home some killer exclusives.

Live Coverage

We’ve done this for four years, so you know how this plays out… We’ll show Microsoft’s conference live just below, with the keynote set to start at 17:30 GMT, so keep your screen trained to New Rising Media for the whole thing.


The web has been rife with rumours on the run up to this one, and some are easier to confirm than others. Yes, we will see a Gears of War 4 – it would be mad if they didn’t harp on this exclusive.

And they should be the first out of the gate with some new hardware (still surprises me how quick they’ve got around to doing this… Would leave it another year myself). The rumour mill would have you believe there to be a slimmer Xbox One and the potential for a more powerful console. In my opinion, the first one is true but I’ve got one of two theories about Scorpio:

  • We would simply get an upgraded XBOne to support 4k resolution
  • They’re going to package this upgraded XBOne with Microsoft’s HoloLens or the Oculus Rift for an all-round new gaming package, as they move towards a more PC-style of console gaming.

In the usual pile of title presentations, my money’s on the following:

  • Halo Wars
  • Forza
  • Crackdown 3
  • Many many more

So whatever you do, don’t count these guys out of the race JUST yet. Microsoft, it’s down to you.