Sony E3 2016 Press Conference LIVE

It’s time for Sony to reveal what they have up their sleeves for the PlayStation at this year’s E3 – and you can watch it all unfold right here LIVE…

So far, the console wars have been in the palm of Sony’s hypothetical hand. Their gamer-centric positioning has worked to their favour compared to a “jack of all trades” approach by Microsoft to the Xbox One.

But while this works in the immediate to Sony’s advantage, the guys in Redmond may have the advantage in terms of a future-proofed console. With this in mind, they need to have a key goal in mind for what they announce this year – keep the focus on games, but add some future perspective.


If you’re up at 2:00 GMT, then hats off to you because I will probably be asleep. We will be showing Sony’s conference live just below, so don’t touch that dial for what will probably be the most exciting show of E3!


Right, so there’s one we can already shut down – Sony IS working on a new console, but they won’t be showing it at this year’s E3.

While many of you will see this as a “glass half empty” lack of willingness to show their full hand, I see this as a “glass half full,” because they’ve realistically got A LOT to talk about.

You can be sure of a new load of coverage around Playstation VR, and an intro to a whole host of games to play for it.

In terms of games, we have a lot to follow up on from last year: Detroit: Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn and, of course, The Last Guardian to name only three. AND there have been some rumblings about a new God of War, which I can’t help but get excited about.

In terms of completely left field predictions – Naughty Dog comes out to celebrate the Crash Bandicoot easter egg, announcing a remastered version…