If You Like Radiohead, You’re Going To Love Native Gold EP “A Man We All Admire”

Delivered hauntingly slow and with sonic menace, Native Gold’s brand new EP “A Man We All Admire” appeared in my inbox and I haven’t stopped listening to it since!

Probably unknown to people in Britain, this two-piece electronic/alternative rock act from Los Angeles takes a page out Radiohead’s book, seasons it with a light sprinkle of Muse and marinades with a blend of Pink Floyd and the dissonant Portal 2 soundtrack, to make for a delectable EP that I just know you’re going to enjoy.

From the slow crescendo of brashness in ‘Fake the Smile,’ to the unexpected moments of melodic melancholy in ‘Fickle,’ all the way to ‘Begun to Begin’ that almost melts into the background soundtrack of life – make no mistake about it, members Michael Weeks and Lee Young have created something rather special here.

Filled with tension and electronic uncomfortability, Native Gold grab your attention from the word “go” and refuse to let go until the final synthesizer has melted away.

Put simply, I see a bright future for them – an amazing self-written and produced start. Kudos, boys.