Insane "Cyclops Visor" Lets You Shoot Actual Fire From Your Eyes

When it comes to DIY inventor projects, they vary from productive innovation to dangerously awesome. The X-Men inspired “Cyclops Visor” that lets you shoot flames from your eyes is definitely the latter.

YouTube user “Sufficiently Advanced” has created this wonderfully destructive weapon using only a welding helmet with a fuel tank, pump, nozzles and pilot lights. Whenever the user hits a switch on the side, it shoots a jet of flames out of one side and a stream of fuel to propel across a distance of around ten feet.

Of course, you’ve probably heard the “don’t try this at home” announcement multiple times, flagrantly ignoring it to go ahead and chokeslam your friend through a table. This is one of those times when you really REALLY shouldn’t…

While the risks are minimised, dripping accelerant could catch fire, it looks like you can’t see a thing out of these goggles, and let’s not forget the potentially exploding fuel tank next to your face!

By all means, check it out and be amazed. But I hope you don’t get too awe-inspired to the point of actually making one of these in person.