5 Super Powers That Would Be AWESOME In Real-Life

Sci-fi blockbuster movies based on characters from books and comic books with super powers are among the most popular currently being produced by Hollywood.

Each of the big characters has powers that differentiate them from the rest and grab our attentions, and most of us wish we could apply those powers to our lives sometimes. These are five times when movie super powers would be really handy in real life.


Azazel – power of teleportation

While being able to teleport would be a pretty cool power to have at any time, it would be particularly useful if you were late for work in the morning. Azazel from the X-Men franchise has the power of teleportation, which enables him to get from one place to another faster than the speed of light – which would be decidedly handy if you were running late and didn’t want to risk the traffic during the commute and a rollicking from your boss. 



Doctor Strange – power to turn back time

Benedict Cumberbatch is about to play this character in a movie and, as he possesses, high-powered magic, one of his powers is the ability to turn back time. It is not hard to see how this could come in rather useful in real-life, say if you have just asked out that guy/girl you fancy and made a complete hash of it. Instead of having to do the walk of shame away from this situation, before binging on beer or ice cream, you could just have a do-over.



Spider Man – power to climb walls

One of the many powers possessed by Spiderman is the ability to climb walls and this would certainly be pretty damned handy if you had locked yourself out of your house. Instead of having to endure the annoyance of waiting for someone else to arrive home and let you in – or call a workman to get the door open, you could just scale the walls and let yourself in via a window.




George Malley – power of telekinesis

In the 1996 film Phenomenon, George Malley – played by John Travolta – ends up with the power of telekinesis. This is the power to move and control objects using the power of the mind and it would have a host of useful real-life applications. Say the phone rings when you’re in the bath – instead of having to get up and answer it wet and naked, you would be able to use your mind to bring it to you while you soak instead.



Doctor Who – eidetic memory

Doctor Who

One of the most popular sci-fi characters of all time, Doctor Who possesses an eidetic memory – in other words the ability to remember things in detail after only brief exposure to them. There is no question that this would be useful in many real-life scenarios, but imagine how handy it would be if you were playing a card game like poker or blackjack on mobile casino, as you would be able to commit all the necessary cards to memory without even trying – making you the best player in the place, without anyone there being any the wiser.

Any of these five powers would be fun and useful to have in real-life, although having to save the world with them might get a bit annoying after a while!