Futuristic Omnidirectional Wheels Let You Drive Your Car Sideways

We all hate parallel parking, and there has never been a practical alternative on cars… That is until now, as William Liddiard has invented a set of omnidirectional wheels that let your car move in any direction, rotate in place and slide into a parking space!

So how on Earth does this work? Well, much like any other omni-capable wheels on other vehicles, the rubber itself rotates on the tyres to provide the new directions of movement, with the help of 24,000 pounds of torque. And in a world first, these wheels require no extra vehicle modification – they fit on just like regular wheels.

The tyres themselves also have the same all-weather capabilities as regular tyres too, with a standard rubber composition and functional treads, but don’t expect to get them on your car anytime soon.

At the moment, this is just a proof of concept. The Canadian inventor is planning to sell the design to any automotive company that would be interested. Nevertheless, look forward to seeing them come to a car near you!