Sheep Fitted With Cameras To Map Faroe Islands For Google Street View

When it comes to Street View, Google can get quite selective to the frustration of small islands everywhere. The population of the Faroe Islands have taken matters into their own hands by strapping cameras to their sheep!

Yep – you read that right… Named Sheep View 360, the team worked with a local shepherd and engineer to build a comfortable-yet-secure harness for our woolly friends, who have been busy capturing photos of all 18 islands.

"I gently placed a 360˚ camera, powered by a solar panel, on the back of a sheep that would take photographs as the animal freely grazed the open hillsides of the Faroe Islands," Durita Dahl Andreassen, of Visit Faroe Islands, the leader of the movement commented.


"Photos are then transmitted back to my mobile phone so that I can upload them to Google Street View myself, finally putting the Faroes on the map in a very unique way."

So far, five locations worth of panoramic images have been uploaded to Street View, and the team have uploaded a 360-degree video tour of the island from the perspective of a sheep. However, to get a bigger picture of the island, sheep are not the best way to go.

"My sheep are great for capturing the tracks and trails of the Faroe Islands, but in order to cover the big sweeping Faroese roads and the whole of the breath-taking landscapes, we need Google to come and map them."

So far, the search giant hasn’t responded to this, and the team have set up a petition to be on Street View. Guess all we can do is wait and see…

If this is successful, other villages may follow suit like sheep… Sorry, I had to.