Tokyo Researchers Create Robot With Human-Like Muscles

Researchers have been working to create robots that mimic human behaviour - potentially dooming us all for the future. Now, Tokyo Institute of Technology have gone one terrifying step further by building a skeleton robot and giving it human-like muscles for movement.

While it may look horrifying on the face of it, it’s actually a really fascinating construction - using microfilament muscle “tissues” connected to the joints, to expand/contract just like real human muscles.

Don’t worry just yet, as they’re not strong enough to snap your neck. In fact, they aren’t strong enough to walk on their own; requiring assistance to move on its own. But it’s clear to see an exciting future in recreating the human body in robotic form.

With muscle fibres all over the body - including its mouth - you can see this robot enjoy eating a Cheeto (seriously, you give our future robotic overlord Cheetos)! But as for looking ahead, it’s all going to depend on the progression of those muscles. Hell, it may get to a point where it could smash a game of football, or even destroy the Deadlift record.