5 Randomly INSANE Pokémon GO Stories

Pokémon GO is everywhere – that much is already obvious to the worldwide audience flocking to public spaces, and others staring in bewilderment at these masses of phone tapping zombies standing motionless in place.

You can see just how the people of my hometown Nottingham reacted to the game...

It’s already been installed on more Android smartphones than Tinder, showing people find the idea of virtual monsters a more attractive proposition than the real monsters you pick up on the dating app.

Now, as you may have seen, mad Pokémon GO stories have flooded the news – from the brainless nature of people walking out in front of cars to the weird and wonderful places people seem to be catching them.

These are just five of the crazy ones that I saw! Feel free to let me know your own in the comments.

One guy got caught CHEATING through Pokémon GO

Let’s start big with the app’s implications on relationships. Thanks to the constant geolocation tracking in the app, Evan Scribner foolishly started playing the game after a wild night of passion with an ex-girlfriend. This meant his whereabouts appeared on her phone, and she showed him the door. And speaking about sex…


It’s getting people LAID

pokemon go got me laid

Yes, this one is a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but bear with me. Turns out people aren’t just turning down Tinder in favour of augmented reality gaming, but also because the likelihood of scoring seems to be higher. Leading to many creepy chat up lines like the one you see (“Need to go inside you to catch a Pikachu!?”), we’ll put this in the maybe column. But the game does attract a massive audience, as shown in my video.


One player got STABBED but carried on playing

Meet Michael Baker of Oregon, USA – one dedicated Pokémon Go player who even after he was stabbed in the arm, continued to play the game. “Right after I was stabbed, I continued my mission…” I’m not sure whether I should be impressed with this guy’s resistance to pain by knife attack, or dumbfounded at his idiocy for not going straight to the hospital.


Trainers are offering their services across the planet

Love Pokémon GO but hate actually playing it? Well, turns out there’s a Craigslist fix for that in the form of hiring a trainer to do it for you! Yes, you read that right… People are offering to walk/drive around cities for you and catch Pokémon for an hourly rate. A man in Baltimore is doing this for $25 p/h, whereas another driver is offering people rides around Portland, Oregon for $30 p/p for two hours of Pokémon GO goodness.


Two teens were mistaken for thieves and SHOT AT playing Pokémon GO

Well, we all knew this was going to happen at some point – people walking around in the dark asking “what did you get?” That’s going to raise some suspicious. But in classic America fashion, the first option is to try and leave a few bullet holes in them for the privilege… Luckily, the teens were not hurt in the altercation.

Do you have your own random Pokémon GO stories? Get in touch and tell us…