Drones in America Can Now Deliver Snacks

Ron Swanson had better get his gun, because drone deliveries are now a thing. On Friday the 22nd of July, a drone dropped off a chicken sandwich, some donuts and a cup of hot coffee to wash it all down with to a family in Reno, Nevada.

The drone is the handiwork of a startup company called Flirtey, and its delivery is the very first to be approved on US soil by aviation officials. The company has partnered up with 7-Eleven to make its “convenience” drops possible. They’re hoping for it to become a regular occurrence and indeed, wish to use drone delivery to “redefine convenience”. Can you picture it? The skies dark with metal birds flying bundles of tasty foods and beverages all across the country. Imagine the air traffic control issues that are going to pile up if this really takes off (pun intended).

It could be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions in which drones collide mid-air and rain coffee showers and donut debris over unsuspecting innocents. Or it could be the ultimate cure to a Sunday morning hangover. Maybe in the future as we lay bleary and groggy after a Saturday night, we will actually welcome the sound of buzzing in our ears. For it will herald the arrival of delicious, life-giving grease.