All About Juno - NASA’s Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter To Explore Our Solar System Origins

After launching nearly five years ago, NASA’s Juno Mission will reach Jupiter - the most massive planet in our solar system - to find out exactly how the solar system was formed billions of years ago.

On July 4th at roughly 9pm PDT (that’s 5am on Tuesday 5th to us Brits), the furthest traveling solar powered mission will enter the orbit of this huge planet.

However, beyond the obviously awe-inspiring idea of space exploration, many people don’t really know the specifics of what is going on and why. Well, dear reader, I’m here to provide some clarity, while also showing you what other cool stuff is going on…

So what is The Juno Mission?

Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral on August 5th 2011, to get a better understanding of the solar system’s beginnings by researching the origin and evolution of Jupiter.

Once it arrives on July 4th, Juno will start a 53.5-day capture orbit of Jupiter before burning the remaining fuel on a 14-day data collecting science orbit, starting on October 19th.

But wait… Why are we going there?

Well, Juno will find out the following:

  • Map Jupiter’s magnetic and gravity fields, to reveal the deep structure of the planet
  • Look deeper into Jupiter’s atmosphere to measure temperature, composition, cloud motions and any other properties
  • Find out how much water is in Jupiter’s atmosphere, to determine which planet formation theory is correct - essentially how the solar system was formed will be concluded with this piece of info
  • Study the magnetic field of Jupiter, to figure out Jupiter’s poles and auroras.

Cool! Can I watch it live?

Why yes you can! Check it out on Nasa TV.

How fast can Juno travel?

Pretty bloody fast actually…

Any other sweet stuff I can check out?

Turns out NASA have worked in partnership with Apple Music to provide a playlist of Juno-inspired music. These tunes come from the varied likes of Trent Reznor, Corinne Bailey Rae and even Weezer!

They’ve also done a mini documentary too, which is well worth getting yourself a free 3-month account for.

Can I find out what is discovered here on New Rising Media?

Of course! We’re giant nerds, so you can be sure to read all of the latest breaking Jupiter news right here on New Rising Media.