Disgruntled Scottish Suicide Squad Fan Suing Warner And DC For False Advertising

Chances are you’ve seen Suicide Squad reviews, and they’ve not been positive, to say the least. Well, one viewer from Scotland is taking Warner Bros. and DC to court for false advertising.

Known as BlackPanther2016 on Reddit, he posted his disappointment - talking about how he drove 300 miles to London, to see “specific scenes explicitly advertised in TV ads.”

Leaving the screen feeling utterly disappointed, he demanded a refund but was allegedly laughed at and thrown out. To combat this, he is going after the makers of the film with the help of his supposed lawyer brother.

So does he stand a chance of winning?

Unfortunately not. While it’s completely true that some of the trailer scenes don’t appear in the final cut, this will probably be a waste of the court’s time. It’s typical that scenes from any movie trailer don’t make it into the final cut.

While the frustrations are understandable, it’s not a deliberately deceptive act - simply the unfortunate ways of the movie industry.