You Can Apply To Be A Space Tour Guide… In 2025

We hear it all the time - space travel will be available to us all by the mid-2020s, but what does that mean for creating new jobs? Well, you can find out and even look to apply as a Space Tour Guide by 2025, according to a report by The Future Laboratory and Microsoft.

Appropriately named the Tomorrow’s Jobs report, it details exactly what careers could be on offer by the year 2025. It even goes so far as to say that school students of today will work in fields that do not exist right now.

Cool! What could I be applying for in 9 years?

Well, let’s take a look.

Space Tour Guide

As we said above, space travel is quickly going to become a thing we can all enjoy. That means we need people to take us on a tour of the cosmos. This would be a job that I’d never tire of. Please take me to space.

Freelance biohacker

In the future, we will need freelance biohackers and stringent guidelines, to stop stuff like this happening...

In the future, we will need freelance biohackers and stringent guidelines, to stop stuff like this happening...

Chances are you’ve heard of biohacking, where scientists enhance human bodies beyond the rate of evolution. This report predicts this will turn mainstream by the mid 2020s, and the calling for people to work in this field will grow. 

The tools are already here and actively open-sourced for us all to use - it just takes a few years for the population of Earth to become more comfortable with the idea of hacking the human body.

Virtual Habitat Designer

VR has been around for years, but it’s only now that the human race is beginning to truly embrace it.

As hardware evolves, so will the immersive experiences they offer - requiring the need for new designers to integrate further with hardware design and create a fully liveable virtual world.

This will require the skills of people who can combine the game designer thought process of following a narrative with the spatial creativity of an architect.

Ethical Technology Advocate

We see a lot of robotics stories, and they either excite or terrify us with feats of AI genius. But one question continues following the likes of iRobot and The Terminator - when will robots replace humans? That is where a new job will come in to make sure we don’t cross that line.

Someone has to mediate between people and robots, because while we are scared, there may come a time when they can feel pain/become afraid too. Maintaining a positive relationship with them would be key.

There are plenty more amazing jobs, that you’ve got to read up on! But these are my favourites.