FALSE - NASA Did Not Just Change Your Star Sign

Ignore what the more easily influenced friends are sharing on Facebook - NASA did not just change your Zodiac sign. This was all just big misunderstanding, based on a children’s education web page put out by the agency.

Time and time again many people who have zero understanding of space and science work hard to create wholly false articles with dramatic headlines for click bait.

With that in mind, Cosmopolitan - step forward and take a bow! They started this latest ridiculous story, and Yahoo, AOL and more soon joined in with equally overhyped stories of sheer pointlessness.

So what went wrong here?

Well, in an effort to achieve a click-worthy article, Cosmo have completely misread a children’s educational web page related to star signs.

They claim that NASA has recalculated the zodiac, meaning 86% of people have no star signs. This is unequivocally false.

Named “The Space Place,” NASA presents an astrological guide to the star signs while making it abundantly clear that “Astrology Is Not Astronomy!”

Check that one in the ‘bad research’ column - even the agency you took this info from claimed the page is “not science.”

The agency has simply noted that since the Earth’s axis has wobbled slightly, the constellations are no longer in the same spot as the ancient Babylonians observed them before.

Nothing about different star signs whatsoever.

So how this story was manipulated into NASA trying to change the zodiac is rather confusing. So I ask you, Cosmopolitan - please leave what you interpret to be “science” out of your beauty/fashion/gossip content. I assure you, it won’t affect your monthly audience numbers.