CES 2017 - Kino-mo Holographic Technology Is The Future Of In-Store Displays

When you think of in-store posters, chances are you imagine a simple poster hanging in the window. But Kino-mo are looking to innovate with their brand new Hypervsn technology - bringing 3D holograms to stores.

Found in Eureka Park at CES 2017 - the breeding ground of weird and wonderful technology - the Hypervsn works like an evolved version of the standard holographic clocks many people have on their bedside tables.

A set of LED propellers rotate at a rapid speed, to create high-resolution animations that just float in the air. The simple installation brings this level of technological capability to regular shops, rather than being restricted to the big brands with lots of money.

Retailers with this hardware in are claiming increased measurements of customer engagement, so something must be going right with this technology.

The question that will be answered by sales data is simple - does the Hypervsn directly contribute to a higher buy rate, or are they just nice distractions that increase engagement without any real intent to buy.