CES 2017 - Holosonics Audio Spotlight Is The Speaker That Only You Can Hear

Ever wished you could just shut out the times when your friends decide to watch terrible shows on the TV? Well, with Holosonics Audio Spotlight speakers, now you can - built to project sounds like a beam of light to the person sitting right in front of it.

The effect is really strange in an awesome way. Sit at any angle other than directly in front of the TV and you can enjoy the sound of silence (well, the sound of other CES stands and busy talking at the time - but you get the point).

But sit in front of it and you get the audio experience of up to 85dB volume - directed towards you with precision accuracy, so nobody else can hear it. At a time when people are speaking of "social listening experiences," this is the perfect anti-social antidote to this need to listen and watch with others.

So how does it work? Using ultrasound waves, the speakers can capably produce sound waves only millimetres in size that allows a direction to be chosen.

But wait... Humans can't hear ultrasound waves! You would be right, but as these waves travel through the air, they transform in "predictable ways" to the team. This means they use the air to create the desired sound waves for the user to listen to.

Unlike other speakers, the audio is created in thin air - rather than at the speaker itself. That's pretty cool.