CES 2017 - TinyMOS Tiny1 Is The World's First Astronomy Camera Made Small, Cheap And Easy To Use

We all love to take pictures of the starry skies at night. But to achieve the same incredible astronomy photography seen on desktop wallpapers and magazines, it takes some incredibly expensive and cumbersome equipment. That is until now, as the Tiny1 reproduces incredible space pictures with the form factor of a smartphone.

Launched in July of last year on Indiegogo (and raising $100,000 in just four hours), TinyMOS' camera is the answer to this problem - allowing the everyday person to capture astronomy images easily with what they claim to be the "world's smallest, smartest and most social camera."

Starting with a 2.5K backside illuminated sensor, connected to a vastly reduced-in-size telescopic lens, the camera's quad-core Snapdragon processor drives the Augmented Reality Star Map - helping you direct your camera and find the right shot/video.

After this, the processor will work hard to make the shot better using Rapid Noise Reduction (does what it says on the tin - reduce the fuzziness of the picture). The final results can be outputted to either the on-device app for social sharing, or in full-resolution via USB. 

Incredible how so much power fits in the palm of your hand, but with such a specialist niche... It will be interesting to see how the camera plays out when on sale to the public.