CES 2017 - Hug Someone From Across The World With This Internet-Connected Teddy Bear

It’s rare that a gadget makes you smile - like, really smile with a simple intention of bringing joy to one’s life. Parihug, an internet-connected teddy bear that let’s you hug a loved one from across the globe, is one of those rare times.

What it does is simple, but requires some interesting tech to get there…

A suite of fabric-based sensors built into the teddy will identify whenever you give it a hug. At that point, a second bear’s haptic engine will provide a soft vibration, to alert the other user that you have just hugged them.

Think of it as a way less creepy (and actually kind of cute) version of Facebook poking, except for family members and friends you actually care about.

I also appreciate the choice of using a haptic engine. Many people will question “why doesn’t it just really hug you?” Well, because that would be bloody terrifying.

Nobody wants to die by cuddly toy strangulation…

But that aside, I love the idea of Parihug - look forward to seeing how this turns out on release in Q1 2017. Plus it’s really cute, as you can see from below!