Samsung Announces New 75-Inch QLED TV At CES 2017

Keeping the CES TV battles alive, Samsung has announced their brand new 75-inch 4K QLED TV - the “Q” meaning a ‘Quantum Dot Technology’ to produce near-true-to-life colour.

Following LG’s UHD TV announcement, Samsung have created a slim curved panel (no size dimensions officially announced), with the brains in the box below connected by a near-invisible cable.

The Quantum Dot Technology enables the reproduction of 100% colour volume, an optimal contrast ratio and 1500-2000 Nit HDR. In fact, each dot is coated in a metallic substance to ensure a longer life cycle.

Looking at the software, the TV looks to be running the company’s proprietary Tizen OS. Samsung have been busy building content partnerships to ensure enough 4K movies and TV shows to make the most of your purchase.

Beyond this, as for directly controlling the TV, Samsung have build an app for Android or iOS, which personalises your content selections to be played straight on the Telly.

Matching to LG’s claims of superiority, Samsung also won a Best of Innovation award for its TV too.

Release date set for February with no price info.