This Smart Toothbrush Uses “Embedded AI” To Improve Your Brushing

 If one word was needed, to describe many gadgets at CES 2017, it would be “over-engineered” - companies that build a product, to solve a problem that never existed in the first place. Part of me believes that this AI-enabled toothbrush, known as Ara falls into that category.

Packed with sensors, the time you brush and specific strokes are monitored, to analyse and improve your brushing performance. This data is looked at by developer Kolibree’s “patented deep learning algorithms,” to provide recommendations on brushing improvement.

Now, while sensory learning isn’t technically AI - rather just the automated version of your mum saying “you missed a spot,” the idea is a neat one. Especially when it comes to encouraging good brushing habits from a young age. 

Prices start at $80 for preorder, going up to $130 when it goes on sale in March.