CES 2017 - Emotech’s Olly Is A Robot With Feelings

Meet Olly - a CES Innovation Award-Winning robot by Emotech which they claim has both “feelings,” and a “personality.” As someone who was equally amazed and terrified when watching Her, I’m going to give this device the benefit of the doubt.

The small circular device is rather minimal in design, remaining unobtrusive just like you’d expect from the likes of a bedside alarm clock. However, the outer rim folds up to present a literal ring of personality.

Powered by a proprietary “brain-inspired” AI system, Olly learns your behaviours through conversations and facial expressions presented to its microphone and camera. With this information, paired with deep learning technology, your own robot begins to change its personality to match yours - much like a Dog would.

Daily conversations will become personal to you and it will begin to learn your daily routine, letting you know of any traffic on your journeys.

What this seems to be is an Amazon Echo with potential sass (depending on the user). It’s certainly an interesting little centrepiece to the smart home, that I know will make waves once the release rolls around in the next few months.

Price is a little vague, but they claim it to be between $600 and $800.