CES 2017 - New Intel VR Headset Turns Your Living Room Into A Game

Named ‘Project Alloy,’ Intel’s Virtual Reality hardware is set to up the game by mapping your room and adapting it as part of the video game you’re playing.

One common complaint when it comes to VR is that one immersion-breaking aspect - the fact you can’t move around your terrain. And if you did, chances are you’re going to stub your toe on a table or cause even greater harm to yourself.

Project Alloy fixes this with what they call “merged reality,” using the various RealSense cameras in the untethered headset to map the surroundings and actually add them to become part of the game.

Announced last August, Intel have been keeping quiet about their efforts - but they are finally coming forward with a confident promise to productise the system by “sometime in the fourth quarter” of 2017.