Snapchat Spectacles Took Over CES 2017 Without Actually Being There

As the next Snapchat Spectacles location was revealed just outside the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Snap Inc. quickly became one of the most influential companies at CES without actually being on the show floor.

The stampede of media members and general exhibitor staff was a sight to behold, as hundreds began to rush towards the Uber/Lyft depo - just to pick up what is essentially a pair of sunglasses with a camera.

What caused this mob? Simply put, Spectacles are of greater intrinsic value than the sum of its parts - a carefully constructed image through the means of selling and brand image.

Scarcity is the name of the game, and as journalists turned up in their droves to the biggest technology show of the year, many of them disappeared for an hour to wait outside this one jovial-looking vending machine to buy a pair of sunglasses.

In terms of the hardware and usability of the device, I'll save that for a later review - but here is an example of the footage you can capture (imported in HD, which to Snap Inc. just means a faster framerate).

Hell, even I was excited about buying a pair - the person who claimed he was too old to even get the point of Spectacles! The brand has been elaborately built-up to be a rare icon of fashion and technology - perfectly melding the two together to build real hype.

From deliberately limiting the amount of Spectacles in each vending machine (which should annoy, but really builds that exclusivity), to waving a metaphorical two fingers to the traditional retail experience or social marketing campaign, companies should take note.