10 Games From Playstation’s Paris Games Week Event That You Should Get Excited For

Sony just unveiled a whole load of new Playstation games at its Paris Games Week event. It’s easy to lose the most exciting titles in all the noise, so here are the 10 biggest announcements.

If you thought the Playstation’s launch calendar was all said and done at E3 2017, you were greatly mistaken. From creatively inspired indie titles to big budget blockbusters, a whole slew of new titles were announced in what was an extremely entertaining keynote. 

With over thirty great games shown off during the show (many with impressive support for Playstation VR), it was tricky to pick 10. However, after much discussion with friends during showtime, we’ve managed to narrow it down. Here are my picks for the games you should be excited to get in your hands, based on their outstanding trailers and high expectations.

Ghost Of Tsushima


The Hong Kong Massacre

Concrete Genie


Blood & Truth

Shadow of the Colossus

On Rush


The Last Of Us Part II