Five Techie Amazon Black Friday Deals That You Need To Buy

Black Friday is not that far away, but Amazon already has a whole bunch of geek and techie deals that you should seriously buy right now!

Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot.jpg

Amazon Echo Dot

Take your first step into smart home technology for a rather tiny price. I get the initial hesitation - what would I even use it for?

Well, it’s usefulness becomes abundantly clear from the small things like playing music, to the grander functions like ordering an Uber and working with smart thermostats around the home. And at this price, it’s an absolute steal. Plus, if you get a Fitbit Charge 2, you can get an extra £10 off the Echo Dot!

The Xbox One X is overpriced and a bit of a waste. Console purchase cycles work (for me) in longer generations and need something more substantial than just graphics capability upgrade.

So, with that in mind, grabbing this for just a penny under £200 gives you all a console capable of playing 4K Blu Ray movies & two of the biggest games of 2017.

lg 43 inch 4k tv.jpg


4K TVs have come down to an appropriate price for us all to buy, so this year’s Black Friday is the prime time to do so (get it? Because it can be ordered on Prime… I’ll just see myself out).

The best way to go this year is LG’s 43-inch model, complete with HDR 10 for beautiful colour reproduction. The perfect accompaniment to that Xbox One S…

Packed with a quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM and Windows 10, this is a great cheap laptop for the standard day-to-day.

Ideal for any student, you have plenty of I/O for all your devices - USB sockets, HDMI for plugging into the TV with any shows you want to binge instead of completing essays.

bose quietcomfort25.jpg

Bose Headphones

When it comes to portable audio, Bose is extremely well known for quality headphone sound.

That is why it’s so easy to recommend the QuietComfort 25 - Around-Ear headphones. With the deepest bass and highest range for an amazingly full sound.