Subscribe To New Rising Media’s Podcast - ‘Learn Something’

Did you know that I host a weekly podcast? Well, you’ve just learnt something new and you learn a lot of new geeky facts in my show - aptly named ‘Learn Something.’

The show has been on hiatus for a month, while day job priorities took their toll on my personal time to post any blogs on here or record any podcasts. But now, it is back and better than ever.

‘Learn Something’ is a weekly show where I take a topic and consume your brain space with weird and wonderful facts about it that you’ve (probably) never heard of before.

Plenty of ways to listen:

  • The podcast is available on iTunes! Please subscribe and, if you enjoy what you hear, go ahead and give it 5-stars.
  • Learn Something is also on Google Play
  • And finally, you can get it on PlayerFM

But most importantly, you can interact with the show and even call-in to the station on Anchor. This is a great platform for presenting my podcast on - breaking the show down in to easy-to-digest segments with cheeky bits of music thrown in for good measure! 

Every week I will be asking a question and throwing it to you for call-ins (last week I asked for people’s favourite video games in line with the gaming theme of the show) and the response is always great.

This is a dialogue, as we all bask in the glow of weird trivia and nice stories. So please do go download the app and take part!

So far, Learn Something is ranked in the top 100 shows on Anchor, and I’d love to go higher.