Vote For New Rising Media In UK Blog Awards 2018

To write for you all and travel the world in search of the future has been a dream come true. And now, after ten years of writing what I love, I feel confident in putting my proudest achievement to date forward for the UK Blog Awards.

How to vote

Voting is really simple!

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1. Click this link (or any other link on this story), to be taken to the entry page for New Rising Media. After that, tap where it says “Click Here” and you’ll be taken to the voting form.


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2. Fill in your name, email address and the one category I have entered into - “Digital & Technology,” then click Submit. Easy Peezy. 

The back story

As only some of you may know, my journey into blogging started at the age of 14-years-old, when I reviewed my growing collection of PS2 games across various online forums. Once that expanded into technology with my fascination for futurism, my flirtations with the idea of starting a blog were constantly turned down by internal struggles with anxiety and low self-esteem.

But fast forward to 22nd September 2011, past three years of falling in love with the euphoric feeling of writing to a wider readership in the university magazine, I took the first step and bought this very URL.

Since this day, what started as a simple hobby & passion turned into so much more - lighting up the front page of Reddit, travelling the world and visiting CES to hunt for the exciting future of technology. 

All of this would not have been possible without each and every single one of you, taking some time out of your lives to read/listen to/watch my life’s work. And now, I need your help…

Why should you vote for me?

Please vote for New Rising Media in the 2018 UK Blog Awards. Why? Because the future depends on it… Dramatic, but let me explain.

Much of humanity is scared of the future - that much is obvious given the global climate over the past couple of years. However, I believe the future is incredibly exciting, with countless technological and scientific innovations just around the corner.

This is (what I feel to be) the importance of my work - to provide plenty of future fascination, alongside a good geeky laugh, help make sense of the exciting decades ahead of us and explain why it will not be so scary.

So if you believe our better days are further afoot like me, then vote for the future. Follow the guide above to get started!