Forget YouTube Rewind, Here Are 5 Channels You Should Actually Subscribe To

YouTube is in a bad way at the moment, from ad platform controversies to troubles with stars on the platform. But these issues didn’t stop it from being a larger than life video service - with over a billion views every day.

To celebrate this, as is the same every year, YouTube Rewind was just released. For those uninitiated to this annual tradition (where have you been?) this is the yearly review of the platform, set to a catchy remix, which brings all of YouTube’s biggest stars together.

On form with the past, 2017’s version was a who’s who of the platform - from Jake & Logan Paul to KSI. But minus a few exceptions, these people are what is wrong with YouTube.

This blog is up for the UK Blog Awards. It would mean the world to me if you could take 15 seconds to place your vote. Click to do so - my story will wait for you...

This blog is up for the UK Blog Awards. It would mean the world to me if you could take 15 seconds to place your vote. Click to do so - my story will wait for you...

Don’t get me wrong, I love the raucous let’s plays of Markiplier. I enjoy the varied lifestyle of Casey Neistat’s vlogs. I have serious technological envy for MKBHD’s slick productions. But beyond that, the level of clickbait nonsense, surface-level drama and terrible, terrible diss tracks is singlehandedly ruining YouTube.

And what’s worse, this type of ridiculous content is actively celebrated by YouTube through pushes on the trending page and this annual Rewind video.

So, in rebellion of this, I want to share my five favourite channels (in no particular order) that will give you faith in the platform again.

1. NakeyJakey

Looking for something different to your usual raft of Let’s Play channels and game theories? Allow me to introduce you to the original Hot Boy - Nakey Jakey. His unique take on the little things about video games are both hilarious and insightful.

Pair that with an incredible talent for music (seriously, he puts the metaphorical river of faeces known as ‘YouTuber diss tracks’ to shame), and you have a channel worth your attention.

2. Geekanoids

Tech-based YouTube channels mostly come with a level of arrogance, so it’s always been a breath of fresh air to watch Dave from Geekanoids test out the latest gadgets.

Always thorough in his analysis, humorous with his quips and actually informative, he’s well worth watching! Also, kudos for the recent live content - creating quite the discussion amongst likeminded nerds.

3. Bobby Burns

Never before have I seen a channel quite like Bobby Burns. From calling out YouTubers on their emotional manipulation techniques, to his impressively meta creations, there is simply nothing quite like him on the platform today.


4. Sam Sheffer

Living the life I wished I had the mental fortitude and lack of anxiety to live, former Engadget/Verge/Mashable journalist Sam Sheffer has a great channel! With videos covering more technology, music, streetwear and sneakers, he expands beyond the gadget realm to provide insight into the full lifestyle.


These are just short two-minute clips, but each week is one of pure creative genius. Imaging your favourite games of today, made in the PS1 era, and you’ll have the simple-yet-effective premise of this channel. Addictive every week, you have to subscribe!